MYTH:   Hospitals don't need funding because governments pay for everything.

FACT:  Latest diagnostic tools, leading edge equipment, more care spaces equipped with beds and monitors, support for mental health programs and much, much more are primarily funded through donations.  


Ramadan is the Month of Giving

Ramadan is about embracing the spirit of gratitude and giving to those less fortunate or in need of our support. In this time of crisis, we need to recognize we have an important role to play in our communities.  As Canadians, we prosper with abundant business and employment opportunities, we flourish in safe neighbourhoods filled with accessible amenities and services, and we thrive as we share and practice our diverse cultures and beliefs.  We have much to be grateful for! It's time we gave back to our country, our province, and our city. 

Fundraising Goal

Our goal is to raise $75,000 for the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. One of our community members has committed to donating $25,000 if we can meet the goal of $50,000.  Donate now!