What We're About

Our Mission

To raise awareness amongst Muslim Canadians and friends about the Oakville Hospital Foundation (OHF) and the COVID-19 crisis, and how the OHF is raising funds to respond to it.

Our Goals

To help people understand how hospitals are funded, the importance of donor support, and the initiatives and efforts that donations help achieve at OTMH.

Time to Act

Due to COVID-19, the Oakville Hospital Foundation has seen numerous fundraising initiatives postponed or cancelled altogether. The hospital relies extensively on these donations to fund purchases of much needed equipment required for its healthcare professionals to provide exceptional and compassionate care to patients. All of the hospital staff are working tirelessly in their fight against COVID-19 to keep us safe. It's time we stepped up and lent a helping hand. Donate generously to our hospital. Together, we can make a difference. 

Oakville Hospital Foundation